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Get your trailers fast. It is a very simple process. Download our application. Approval within minutes. Check the availability of trailers with the office.
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Reliable Equipment

Our fleet is continuously upgraded with brand new units of all types. All trailers constantly inspected and maintained..

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Multi Location Availability

You can pick up your trailers at each of our branches. Return your trailers to the most convenient location.

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Your Credit

Once you begin factoring and you have adequate cash flow, you can begin to pay your bills in a more timely manner and start.


Unlimited Capital

Factoring is the only source of financing that grows with your sales. As sales increase, more money becomes immediately available to you.

Compass Truck Sales

Truck Sales

Our inventory contains ever growing number of great and extraordinary units. Before they are displayed for sale, all units are inspected and road approved. We carry all makes and models. Don't spend more time looking around.


In-House Financing

We will finance your truck. An in-house financing agency will work with you to find the best financial solution. We want to focus on your future and not on your past.

Compass Insurance

Your First Real Step to Safety

If you are interested in joining hundreds of other trucking companies and owner operators insured through Compass Insurance Group, Inc. please fill this online application and tell us something about yourself, your trucks and your insurance needs.

International Insurance Association

Educate Yourself

Safety education is one of the essentials every truck driver must pay due attention to. It is not something to be neglected or taken lightly. We are giving you all necessary tools for your safety.

Compass Truck Rental

Truck Rental

At Compass Truck Rental we understand the changing face of our Industry. We do not deny anyone the chance to rent a truck, no matter how small your business operation is, or how long you have been in business.

Compass Truck Lease

Why Rent?

Here at Compass Truck Rental, we want to be your number one asset. We can help your company navigate through the many challenges it takes to run a successful business. When your truck breaks down, we understand time is everything...

Location, location, location...

Compass Lease Nationwide Locations
In the near future Compass Lease plans to expand to several new locations.